Frank Ricci
Dr. Frank Ricci III

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I am Frank Ricci and I've lead an exciting and varied life, from being a Computer Programmer Analyst in Aerospece, a top Headliner in Las Vegas, awarded a Humanitarian Award for my work with Downs Syndrome children, a Top Producing Realtor, Shared Equity Specialist and Investment Manager for a national real estate affiliate and to being a co-founder of a national charitable health clinic that conducted free seminar/clinics to over 200 organizations and more than 150,000 attendees.

I know that's a lot to take in. All you have to do to experience all that is 1. truly love life, 2. always remain curious, 3. never stop learning, 4. give back by helping those in need, 5. always remain grateful and humble, 6. believe it is all possible and 7. above all live long enough.

"Good people can achieve great things when given a chance by others who care". I've had the good fortune of receiving help from many others - No one can do it alone!

Phase 1. After Headlining in Las Vegas starring alongside superstars like Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Tony Bennett, Reba McEntire, Marty Robbins, Tammy Wynette and many more. After performing thousands of shows in the U.S. and internationally my life took a drastic downturn, I contracted Cancer from second-hand smoke. I promised God, that if He helped me survive this potentially deadly disease, I would dedicate the rest of my life helping people improve their's by helping them quit smoking. God granted me my wish and I have been Cancer free since then.

However, I knew I could not perform on stage as I once did so I needed to change fields. During my many successful years performing, I lived and invested in real estate in booming Orange County, California, so my first choice was to become a Realtor.

Phase 2. After receiving my Real Estate License I joined a Coldwell Banker affiliate as their Investment Manager.

Unfortunately, it was during a disastrous recessionary period in real estate. Homeowners and developers had their houses listed for as long as one and one-half years with no buyers in sight, developers were defaulting on their loans. In addition, there were numerous Homebuyers that qualified for a loan but could not purchase a home because they lacked the required 20% down payment.

I had promised to help people in need and I needed to find a solution to this huge problem. I heard of a little known program at that time called Equity Sharing and believed it just might be the solution.

I had to solve the one piece of the puzzle that prevented a successful sale, the difference between the loan-amount a buyer qualified for and 20% of the appraised value of the property.

Since there are multiple parties involved in an Equity Share, a formal "Equity Share Agreement" must be developed defining the terms and conditions agreed to by all parties, the Buyer, the Seller and the Lender. I also needed to create an effective marketing plan.

After several months of meeting with real estate attorneys, I developed an “Equity Share Agreement" I believed successfully addressed the problem. An Investor would provide the down payment for a qualified buyer, co-own the property and participate in any future appreciation for a mutually agreed upon period-of-time.

The nice part was that the Investor's down payment was not a loan but an investment, so it did not inhibit the buyer’s ability to make the monthly payments to the primary lender thus avoided PMI.

This excited me because it was a chance for me to help both Buyers and Sellers in need. The great thing was, the Investor could either be a third party cash Investor or Seller of the property who would simply provide the down payment in pure equity, no out-of-pocket cash.

Now, I had a very high hurdle to overcome. I had to convince lenders to adopt my program. I presented my program to three major lenders at that time in Sacramento, “American Savings and Loan”, “Great Western Bank” and “World Savings and Loan.” They thoroughly reviewed my Equity Share Agreement defining the responsibilities of both Buyers and Sellers, including built-in protection of the primary lender’s position.

To my pleasant surprise, all three Lenders approved my program. The best part was that all three lenders agreed that the required twenty-percent (20%) down payment could come from either a third-party cash-investor or the home seller who simply contributed the required 20% in pure equity - A major breakthrough. Lenders were comfortable with this approach because the value of the property was based on their own in-house appraiser’s valuation and the loan never exceeded 80% LTV (Loan To Value).

Now, I had to market my program, I drew upon my years of experience performing and speaking in front of large audiences as large as twenty-five thousand. So, I created and hosted my own "Real Estate Talk Show" that covered all of Placer and Nevada Counties and most of Sacramento County.

My radio show was a hit and I became the Investment Manager and Top Producer for my company. The "San Francisco Chronicle" featured me in one of their real estate articles and the "Wall Street Journal" also featured Equity Sharing as a viable program for homebuyers.

Sellers could now sell their properties quickly and at full-appraised value instead of being forced to reduce it. They could also look forward to a potential return on their no-cash investment. My program also helped other sellers avoid foreclosure.

Buyers who previously were prevented from buying because they lacked the 20% down payment and whose only option was to continue renting could now participate in the American Dream of home ownership. My program opened the dam and released a tremendous backlog of potential Buyers who were previously ignored.

Please read some of the Heart-warming Testimonials from grateful Buyers, Sellers and Developers I was honored to help.

I am gratified and humbled at the assistance my program has given people who needed help and I am proud to be one of a handful of Equity Share Specialists in the United States.

I believe Equity Sharing will become an integral part of real estate in the 21st Century!

Phase 3. My other love was helping people on a personal level starting with my military days where they dubbed me "Father Frank". I continued my education and received a PhD in Metaphysical Theology and graduated from HMI, the first nationally accredited college of Clinical Hypnotherapy.

I co-founded The FREND Group, a national charitable teaching, treating and inspirational health clinic. My program was free and proven very effective at helping people eliminate stress and stress-related issues such as excess weight, pain, insomnia and especially smoking addiction, a bad habit that helped cut short a successful singing career.

I then lectured to over 200 organizations with more than 150,000 employees attending. The organizations included major corporations, law enforcement, firefighters, health organizations, professional associations and government agencies, including the State of California and virtually all of it's counties including the entire California Highway Patrol. Please read More Heart-warming Testimonials and Endorsements from grateful individuals and organizations we helped across America.

Final Phase. Obviously, I've experienced enough for three lifetimes and humbly honored that I've been able to help many people improve the quality of their life. However, I could have not accomplished all this without the encouragement and support of my wonderful wife Gwendolyn.

I am not finished yet! My wife and I decided to settle down in the Tehama/Shasta County area and remain close to home. After traveling nationally and abroad to improve the quality of life for people in need, we obviously have, as they say, "Been there - Done that".

My motto has always been, "Good people can achieve great things when given a chance by others who care"

I would like to hang my Real Estate License Shingle with a forward thinking, class oriented organization that's a cut-above with like-minded values who would appreciate and utilize my extensive experience and knowledge.

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