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Frank Ricci
Dr. Frank, PhD, CHt




Who Is FRENDCO & Dr. Frank


Dr. Frank founded FRENDCO Facilitation & Advocate Services to help people improve their health, increase wealth and enhance happiness.

Frank is a member of "Who's Who in America" and is recognized by The American Cancer Society, The Urban League, national corporations, state and local governments for his charitable work to help improve the quality of life for those in need, and he received a "Humaintarian Award" for his work with Down Syndrome Children.

Dr. Frank is known as "The Renaissance Man". He is a Behavioral Therapist, Life Management Coach, Clinical Motivational Speaker who has spoken to more than 200 organizations nationally with over 150,000 people attending, Real Estate Consultant, and Host/Producer of his own radio commentary show "The Minute Report" on KBLF Radio in Northern California.

Frank says what he believes and does what he says. People he helps affectionately call him Doc. He truly cares and believes in transparency and places a priority on helping others achieve their goals and shares two beliefs with them:

"You are whatever you believe you are"

"Good people can achieve great things when given a chance by others who care"

We invite you to allow Dr. Frank the opportunity to assist you, whether you would like to discuss your real estate needs, financing or promote your business on radio.

You can read about Dr. Frank's colorful life in more detail below or feel free to review his health clinic The FREND Group, numerous Testimonials and Endorsements (Then return here to finish reading) or contact him now by clicking here.

Military Service

Frank served six years in the United States Air Force and educated at the Army Corp of Engineers school outside Washington, D.C. where he received a secret clearance, worked in computer technology and honored with the rare opportunity to attend President Kennedy's inauguration

After receiving his Honorable Discharge Frank worked in Aerospace as a Computer Programmer Analyst.

Las Vegas Headliner - Humanitarian Award - Cancer Survivor

Frank was also born into an immigrant Italian family with ten generations of professional singers dating back to the year 1700. Needless to say, he was born with music in his blood, so by day he was a Computer Programmer Analyst and by night sang locally.

A major entertainment Manager heard Frank sing and arranged an audition at the Frontier Hotel in Las Vegas and hired him on the spot as their Headliner and he headlined alongside superstars like Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Tony Bennett, Reba McEntire, Marty Robbins, Tammy Wynette and many more.

Feel free to review Frank's exciting singing career and being a Las Vegas Headliner (Then return here to finish reading).

Frank's singing career was cut short when he contracted Cancer from second-hand smoke from performing nightly in smokey showrooms (He did not smoke). Frank's near-death experience shook him to his core and he promised God that if he survived he would dedicate his life to helping people improve their's.

Behavioral Therapist - Inspirational Lecturer

Frank completed hos education and received a Doctorate in Theological Counseling and Certification in Behavioral Therapy.

His wife and he founded a charitable clinic naming it "The FREND Group".

He developed a self-improvement inspirational proprietary program that was very effective at health management that included stress management and stress-related issues such as smoking addiction, excess weight, chronic pain, insomnia and much more.

His program was free to organizations and he conducted seminar/clinics to over 200 organizations nationally with more than 150,000 people attending.

The organizations included major corporations like General Dynamics, law enforcement (Including the entire state of California Highway Patrol), firefighters, health organizations, professional associations and the State of California and virtually all of California's counties.

Feel free to review The FREND Group Clinic and the numerous Testimonials and Endorsements (Then return here to finish reading).

Top Producing Realtor - Equity Share Developer

After traveling worldwide for many years as a Concert Artist, Clinical and Motivational Speaker Frank and his wife decided to settle down where he received a Finance Lender's License and moved to Northern California so my wife could assist her ailing parents.

Turning Lemons into Lemonade

Frank always enjoyed investing in real estate so he obtained a California Real Estate Sales License.

Unfortunately, it was during a major recession in real estate. Homeowners could not sell their homes and many defaulted on their loans. In addition, Homebuyers qualified for an 80% loan but could not obtain the needed 20% down payment.

Frank heard about a little known program called Equity Sharing and believed it could be the solution. After months of research he developed his "Equity Share Program" and presented it to three major mortgage lenders who approved it.

He then produced and hosted his own "Real Estate Radio Talk Show" and conducted creative financing presentations for prospective clients and real estate agents. His radio show was a success and homebuyers, sellers and developers contacted him for help.

Frank became Investment Manager, Top Lister abd Top Producer for a Coldwell Banker affiliate.

The "San Francisco Chronicle" featured Frank's program in one of their real estate articles and the "Wall Street Journal" featured Equity Sharing as a viable program for homebuyers.

Frank isonly one of a handful of Innovative Financing and Equity Share Facilitators in the United States and says, he is gratified and humbled at the assistance his program provided for people in need of help and truly believes Equity Sharing will become an integral part of real estate in the 21st Century.

We invite you to view Frank's Awards and Certificates and read the heart-warming FRENDCO's Testimonials & Endorsements from Homebuyers, Sellers and Developers.

To contact Frank click here.