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Equity Sharing - A great vehicle to leverage your investment


If you could own investment property with none of the costs or hassles associated with that investment would you be interested? Equity sharing is the perfect vehicle to accomplish all that and more.


It is more profitable to own two properties as an Equity Share Investor at 50% each, than owning one rental at 100%.

1. You do not pay Loan Interest - The Resident Co-Owner pays.

2. You do not pay Loan Principle - The Resident Co-Owner pays.

3. You do not pay Propery Taxes - The Resident Co-Owner pays.

4. You do not pay Propery Insurance - The Resident Co-Owner pays.

5. You do not pay Utilities - The Resident Co-Owner pays.

6. You do not pay Maintenance Costs - The Resident Co-Owner pays.

7. You no longer receive Maintenance Calls - The Resident Co-Owner fixes problems.

8. You may be entitled to Depreciation benefits.

9. You may be entitled to defer Capitol Gains taxes via a 1031 Exchange.

10. Own property the smarter hassle-free way and let others take on the responsibility whiile you continue to participate in appreciation.

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