I Cannot Praise Your Program Enough

I want to thank you for assisting me in my time of need.

When I first heard your radio broadcast, I felt that your Real Estate co-ownership program was just what I needed. I contacted you to sell my home fast because I needed the proceeds from the sale to pay for my wife’s hospital bills.

I cannot praise your program enough. You were not only able to sell my house immediately but for the full-appraised asking price.

All this in a depressed market where houses have not sold for up to two years and if the owner was lucky enough to sell, it was for a drastically reduced under market price.

I think the most rewarding part was that you were able to convert my renters, who had been renting from me for six years, into co-owners. I know they are stable people and I have no concerns about having them as co-owners in my property. I know for a fact that your program has been a dream come true for them as well.

As an investor co-owner I can only say that my house sold immediately, for full asking price, I will receive 1/2 of all future appreciation and I no longer have to pay any taxes, insurance, maintenance or management on my property.

Do not hesitate to use me as a recommendation for any potential investors you may be talking to.

Good luck to you and your program. I believe you are providing a long overdue and much needed service to sellers, investors and buyers alike.

Richard Kennedy, Retired