Sold In Less Than A Week

I am writing in regards to working with Mr. Frank Ricci and Frendco Facilitation Services.

For many years, my husband and I not only owned rental properties, we also develop and sell investment properties, and I am an ex-real estate agent.

Three years ago, Frank introduced me to his unique Equity Share program. Because it was a new concept to me I did not understand it at first, but the more he explained it the more I got excited and believed it to be a great program.

I liked that it was a pretty-safe real estate investment and did not have the costs or management problems associated with conventional programs.

So we decided to become an investor, assisting a young couple with four small children purchase a 4-bedroom, 2-bath home, with a 2-car garage, in a very nice neighborhood. They had been living in a very old single wide mobile.

We are now selling the house. They will receive enough money to purchase a home on their own, and we will realize a fantastic 322% return on our investment.

Our story does not end there. Seven months ago, we wanted to sell another of our investment homes listing it with a Realtor. For six-months it sat with no offers.

Frustrated, we contacted Frank and asked him to help us. Again, Frank and his program came to our rescue. Our property sold in less than one week.

So far, we have participated in Frank’s program twice, once as a cash-investor and once as a seller-investor. I cannot praise Frank and Frendco enough for their professionalism, knowledge, high ethical standards, and the fact that they truly get results. Sellers and Buyers everywhere should use their outstanding service.

My husband and I own more properties and we will be using Frendco and Frank’s amazing Equity Share program for any real estate we sell in the future.

Dottie and Willie Mattos, Seller / Investors