A Dream Come True!

The small words “thank you” do not seem appropriate when you, Frank have made my dream of owning a home become a reality. Without you and your equity share program my dream would have died.

I entered into this “venture” extremely pessimistic. My ignorance of real estate and the “ups and downs” of the escrow procedures were made much easier because of your integrity, professionalism and open communication. You answered each of my questions, no matter how stupid they appeared, with patience and understanding.

I am a grandmother and after renting all my life, planting flowers in other’s yards, putting equity and tax right-offs in other’s pockets and asking landlord’s permission to do anything I wanted to do around the house, I now, for the first time, have these privileges myself. Now every flower in my yard has a scent that I own and every fish in the pond is mine.

My American dream is now a reality and Frank Ricci and equity sharing are totally responsible for my success.
Thank you Frank for the happiness I feel. Thank you Frank for making my dream come true.

Keep up the great work. I know there are many people out there who desperately need your help and advice.

Gratefully yours,
Nadine Harmon, Probation Officer