Many of the area Realtors said:
"We had no chance of purchasing a home".

As a young attorney, father of four and in a real estate market perpetually on the increase there appeared to be little hope of purchasing a home in the Placer County area.  Enter Frank Ricci III, Creative Financing Specialist.  With great skepticism, I listened to Frank’s unique proposal on how to put my family into a home.  This skepticism was not just internally created but came from being summarily dismissed by many of the area realtors as having no chance of purchasing a home.  However, Frank insisted that we “swing at the ball” and we did.

Frank had a very tight framework within which to work.  We were determined not to leave the small school district that the children were in, we needed a home to accommodate four children and I wanted a space for a garden.

Frank not only met theses requirements he surpassed them.  Moving from a 1400 square foot rental to a 3400 square foot home certainly provides room for the kids and the 1.8 acres provides “adequate” room for my garden.

To say that the financial considerations required creativity would be a substantial understatement and Frank met that challenge as well and put together a financing package that was manageable.

Frank goes beyond the norm.  The norm being a home purchase requires large sums of money for the down payment or you rent.

Frank does not subscribe to the notion that the norm must be rigidly adhered to and therefore he makes things happen by creativity and persistence.

If you are thwarted by conventional thought on home purchasing, consider turning to Frank for creative assistance.

With best regard,
Wendell D. Peters, Attorney at Law