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Doctor Frank
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Welcome to FRENDCO Real Estate Services

I am Dr. Frank, Founder/Director (My friends call me "Doc")

I am a Top Producing Real Estate Agent, Shared Equity Facilitator, Innovative Financing Specialist, Life Management Coach, Motivational Speaker and Host of the "Frank and Friends" talk radio show.

I pride myself on being a problem solver and achieving success for my clients with Knowledge, Integrity, Creativity and Hard Work


FRENDCO Real Estate Services Offers:

  • Real Estate Sales

  • Shared Equity Consulting

  • Innovative Financing Facilitation
  • Down Payment Assistance

  • Real Estate Success Seminars



James A. Walker, Attorney at Law

"I was altogether unprepared for the scope of service and creativity that Frank brought to my situation. Frank’s skillful education and demonstration to those involved in finance that creative solutions work not only conceptually but also on a dollar and cents level.

I can tell you... that if there is any way possible, Frank can make it work."

Nadine Harmon, Probation Officer

"My American dream is now a reality...Thank you Frank for the happiness I feel. Thank you Frank for making my dream come true".



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I look forward to speaking with you.

Respectfully yours, "Doc"